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vatSys crash on profile launch

Ryan Miltenberger

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Hello, anyone have any idea how to fix this erorr when trying to load a vatSys profile? To provide more reference, I use voicemeeter banana, and as far as I'm aware I have had no prior issues or any audio devices setup. I had also uninstalled and reinstalled it once, and the error presists. 

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at NAudio.Wave.SampleProviders.VolumeSampleProvider.get_WaveFormat()
   at NAudio.Wave.SampleProviders.MixingSampleProvider.AddMixerInput(ISampleProvider mixerInput)
   at vatsys.Mumble.UpdateAFVLoopbackInput()
   at vatsys.Mumble.StartAudio(MMDevice input, MMDevice output, List`1 additionalDevices)
   at vatsys.Mumble.Start(MMDevice input, MMDevice output, List`1 additionalDevices)
   at vatsys.Audio.StartAudio()
   at vatsys.Audio.Start()
   at vatsys.MainForm..ctor()
   at vatsys.Program.Main()

Ryan Miltenberger

Winnipeg FIR Facility Engineer

[email protected]



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Hi Ryan

I'm not sure what banana does, but yes this error is likely coming from a device you have connected (could be an output too). Try removing devices one by one until vatSys boots. You may also try deleting %LocalAppData%\Sawbe.com to erase the saved user information


Developer - vatSys


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