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How to add transition level in the QNH/TL box (Top Sky plugin)

Adrian Szalok

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Hello all! The ROvACC team have implemented the Top Sky plugin within Euroscope and I have recently shown interest in using it as I believe it provides quite important features such as the 'QNH/TL' box. I've shown interest in the way the tags work, but especially in the QNH/TL feature because you don't always remember the TL for some airports and it's way quicker than looking it up on Navigraph Charts. Anyways, this feature is great, because I've seen it work, except YOU have to manually set a value for the transition level according to the QNH as TL is a variable that depends on QNH. Now, my question is, how do I  actually create an algorithm to set the TL based on current QNH and how do I see the TL in the list? 

I have looked in the developer guide and I still do not quite get how to do it, but most importantly how to add it in Euroscope. I have gone ahead and attached some pictures to give you guys an idea of what I mean. Thanks in advance to anybody helping! FYI version is 2.4           What I want it to look like: --------->  image.png.3b026a1d39f6b471936ae3f550146125.pngimage.png.4d6ce3548502c93eef7458c6e652c357.png  <------- What it actually looks like:

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