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Israel landclass for FSX

David Wilson-Okamura 91149

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For those of you who are using FSX, what do you recommend for landcl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]? I know about "Israel, the Holy Land" by Seev Kahn, but FSX has its own coastlines and roads.


David Wilson-Okamura (N26TC or EFS396)

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Hello David,

I'm afraid FS9 landcl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]es are not compitable in FSX. the good news are FSX landcl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] is much easier to create and all we need is just a little free time to start working on it, currently I have completed maping all of southern Israel (Eilat-BeerSheva) with roads cities and and coast lines but there is still alot of work ahead.


About FSX's landcl[Mod - Happy Thoughts], I have to say it was really dissapointing to see that they made Israel one big desert, major cities are missing, even the dead sea coastline is not accurate. The only good thing I can say about the default scenery is that there are some custom made buildings in Tel-Aviv...



Ido Rosenthal

Ait Aviation - AIT001


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