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audio issues (new user)

Eddie Benowitz

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Hi all:

New vpilot/vatsim user.  Using MSFS.   As soon as I open up vpilot, all other computer audio shuts down including MSFS.   Also I cannot get any audio out of vpilot.  Can't even hear the weather report channel. 


I was able to:

Connect and login with vpilot, confirm push to talk is working, confirm mic input is showing its levels.  Ran as administrator.  Tuned into the frequency in MSFS and saw the frequency show up in vpilot.

Confirm my bluetooth mic/headset/combo showed up as the audio devices.  Confirmed I'm not using an external mixer software (not asus).  Correct comm frequency shows up in blue in vpilot.


Any hints?  I did look a bit through the forums for help,  maybe someone can point me to something to look at.


Update... changed audio devices a few times,... now I have vatsim audio input and output... but no ingame audio.... Is that expected>


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