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Agenda: VATSIM Board of Governors Meeting 2022Q4 - 28 JAN 2023

Don Desfosse

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  • Board of Governors
Don Desfosse

The Board of Governors Meeting for 2022Q4 (October through December) will take place at 2000UTC on Saturday 28 JAN 2023.


1.                   Open meeting, roll call, apologies, and proxies (Tim Barber)

2.                   Ad hoc votes since the last meeting (Don Desfosse)

3.                   Membership Key Metrics (Alan Cooke)

4.                   VATSIM Funding Status (Tim Barber)

5.                   Old Business

a.       Pilot Accountability Project Update (Simon Kelsey)

b.       Potential Airport and Event Rating Systems (Nick Cavacini)

c.       Reviving GCAP Project (Simon Irvine)

d.       Update on Hall of Fame and Awards Program (Roger Curtiss)

e.       ATIS Policy and Ground Control (Tim Barber)

6.                   New Business

a.       Technical Project Pipeline Summary (Matt Cianfarani)

b.       Policy Update Status (Don Desfosse)

c.       New forums plan (data migration, capability mapping old vs. new) (Jannes van Gestel)

d.       IFR pilot training/certification (Nick Cavacini)

e.       Tower View in vNAS (Matt Cianfarani)

f.        VATSIM Vision and Mission Statements (Don Desfosse)

g.       Third-party applications (Roger Curtiss)

7.                   Departmental Updates

a.       President – Tim Barber

b.       Operations – Don Desfosse

c.       Americas Region – Mani Manigault

d.       Asia Pacific Region – Anastasios Stefopoulos

e.       Europe, Middle East, and Africa Region – Simon Irvine

f.        Technology – Matt Cianfarani

g.       Supervisors – Nick Cavacini

h.         Conflict Resolution – Nicola Felini

i.         Membership – Alan Cooke

j.       Virtual Airlines and Special Operations – Roger Curtiss

k.         Pilot Training – Simon Kelsey

l.     Marketing and Communications – Jannes van Gestel

7.       Any other business (Tim Barber)

8.       Close meeting (Tim Barber)

Don Desfosse
Vice President, Operations

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