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Oceanic sector file

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ditto, I'm interested in them. We in Northern never get any decent sector files. Can it be put on the VATUK website to solve the empty link in that section?



Doesn't that come down to the people in your region/devision that design your sector files.

Kirk Christie - VATPAC C3

VATPAC Undercover ATC Agent

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Some good news!!


Alex Stjepanovic has updated the Oceanic sector file and is now available for download from the Vatsim UK website which can be found at www.vatsim-uk.org.


You will find it in the downloads section.


As Norman said, EGGX is a C1 position for which you need to be validated by one of our Oceanic training team.



Simon Irvine

VP Europe, Middle East and Africa Region

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Just a clarification for anyone not sure of it,


The NOTA(North Oceanic Transition Area) and SOTA(Shannon/South Oceanic Transition Area) are drawn in as FIR boundaries just because of the fact that some people may not be too familiar with them yet. I still find some pilots and controllers double checking with me if this airspace is in Shanwick OCA or in Shannon FIR. Other than that, they are part of Shannon FIR(EISN).





Controllers have feelings too...

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