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Hiring Cheif Pilots-Virtual Air Jamaica

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Virtual Air Jamaica is now hiring 3 Cheif Pilots. We need a Cheif Pilots for the Airbus A321, Airbus A320, and Airbus A340-300. Basically what the Cheif Pilot will do is go out and find the best download of the aircraft that they are incharge of. Also, if any pilots have any question about the aircraft the Cheif Pilot would handle it. Also, the Cheif pilot's at our airline get the highest virtual salary next to the President and the Vice President so it would be good to just jump into a Virtual Airline and start getting high virtual pay instead of working your way up the ranks. Razz Laughing. If your interested in becoming a Cheif Pilot, tell me what aircraft you want to be the Cheif Pilot of and send me a resume. The resume doesn't have to be VERY FORMAL. Just tell us why you deserve the job basically. You can message me by using this vatsim forum.



www.vacanada.org - proper virtual airline

www.thecubehost.com - proper web hosting

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