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VATASIA New Staff Appointment (from VATASIA forum)

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Dear Members of VATASIA,


I have great pleasure to introduce you 2 new staffs of VATASIA -


1. Deputy Region Director - Dick Teh (VATASIA2)


Probably I don't need to much introduction as Dick is well know for his work in getting Singapore vACC, VATSEA up and running. He joined VATSIM in 2002, received training and served in VATUSA for a while before he transfered back to VATASIA. He is the "father" of Singapore vACC as he set up the infrastructure of the whole vACC within a few months and trained up batches of students to fully independent controllers. He will [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist me in running VATASIA and developing ASIA Region.



2. Development Manager - Glenn Blanco (VATASIA3)


Some may not know him well but he is definitely well known to simmer in USA. He was the VATUSA Central Region Director before he transfers back to VATASIA. He is actually a Filipino and did spend some time over the Philippines airspace as controller before the official formation of VATSEA Manila vACC. His main task is to oversee and coordinating the develop of new vACC within VATSIM - Asia Region. Of course he will also help in other issues about building ASIA Region into a active sky.


Dick and Glenn will start the new jobs with effective from 1st April 2007.


Let give them a big applause and welcome them aboard.



William Woo

VATSIM - Asia Region Director


I was unable to reply on the VATASIA forums, so I thought I would say my congratulations here.

So congratulations to both Dick and Glenn. It's sad to see Dick have to step down as ATM of Singapore vACC, but great to know that he will still be helping out the Asia region as VATASIA2.


congrats once again guys.


Goodluck in your future positions.


All the Best.



Paul O'Donnell



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