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I have been trying for a few days now to get in touch with the INDIAN VACC, but with no success. I have registered on the VATSIM INDIA forum, but the registration process stops pending validation, therefore I cannot login. I have now registered twice, just to be sure there was not a mistake on my part, but I am not receiving the validation email back to activate the login.

All I want to do is to FLY THERE !!!! And, as it is suggested on the Indian forum, put in an ATC request so that we can arrange some coverage upon landing....



PLEASE, if anyone has any relevant contact email (which I cannot find anywhere on the Indian vatsim website) can you p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] the message on... someone's eager to get in touch!


Thank you.


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Hello Antonio ,

actually yes i have had to put a authentication system into place due to the whole lotta spam we'd been getting , i've sent you a mail about it , you can mail me at supernova.surfer (at) gmail (dot) com , i've also added a post to inform new users of our forum about it , sorry for the inconvenience caused ....Deepan

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