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Some impressions

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Hello Michal Rok.


First, you have made an very great and good program!

So every programs after the release has some bugs. It´s not bad...


Sorry for my english (15 years)


a) zoom in the MAP-Mode? I don´t know

b) The watherpicture isn´t perfect.. Wind direction, wind strength ....Forcast Monday?

c) I can´t call the single FIR´s in Germany

d) Route "Westerland/EDXW" - "Frankfurt/EDDF" are able but "Frankfurt/EDDF" - "Westerland/EDXW" are not able or in the flightplan system. ?!

e) All routes from (exp.) EDDF/Frankfurt at one picture?!


EDDF - xxx



f)the program is using only the default Internet Explorer (why?)

g)The germany borders from VACC-SAG are not correct. In real but not for VATSIM.


Not correct...(in real is it right.. )


h)the working memory are to high. At one PC is it 45MB and ServInfo are at this PC 15MB ?!

i)is it able to have in a next version an fully metar request feature?!

j)what route-database is that from vroute.info?


Many points are from other user from the VACC-SAG Forum who has post some bugs.


Sorry for my BAAADDD english.



Timm Rehberg

Regards Timm Rehberg

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/V1Simulations/

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See below for answers.


a) Not available. See docomeentation.

b) Nobody is perfect.

c) Don't understand question.

d) You can always submit a new route to the database. I never said every possible route is there - there are only 45.000 routes in vroute.

e) Use Advanced Search. Why do you need all routes?

f) Because I wrote all this in my spare time and I had not enough spare time to write things for 5 different browsers. At the end of the day, it is a web browser window embedded in an application - so what does it matter to You if it is IE or Firefox there?

g) But they are real. Maybe it is a good opportunity for VACC-SAG to upgrade? It was difficult to do everything right in version 1.

h) It is Internet Explorer, which you usually have running around anyway. Most of the memory is shared with other IE instances.

i) Yes. You can already see METAR in route details.

j) it is vroute's route database, formerly known as EUroute. See http://www.vroute.net/content/view/27/1/


Unfortunately I don't speak German. Posting bug information to VACC-SAG forums will not help me fix them, sorry.




vroute.net founder

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