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ok... here we go:

you have the built in kneeboard, right?!

you have some buttons like radio history, some other stuff and... BRIEFING!

it is usually NOT empty, when you take a flight from the default ready flights in the FS. or a lesson from the learning center. it contains the briefing about the lesson or mission.


now when you build your own flight, of course it has no briefing, and the page it loads is the "nobrief.htm"


and since your flights are always custom, the page the kneeboard loads is the nobrief.htm


- What can be done with nobrief.htm?

ANYTHING! it's a usual html file, supporting ALL the scripting/technologies an HTML file can support. (like in any website)



- How can it help vRoute?

since vRoute is html, integrated in software, that "integration" can be put into the nobrief.htm

and what you see in the vRoute, you'll see in the kneeboard



- What the end user has to do?

All you will have to do is copy and html file to the "Uires" directory in your FS, that's all!


Hope it helped more

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