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Just a curiousity.


Does the NY oceanic listing also cover NY center?


I fly out of JFK a bit thought i could use vRoute to see booking for NY traffic.


I didnt see a specific listing for KZNY so i wondered if it fell under NY oceanic or not.




Oh and by the way, Mr. Rok thank you very much for this piece of software. I think alongside serv-info we now have a very comprehensive system for looking up flight routes, checking online activity, and booking flight times in advance.


Thank you very much.

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This is yet ANOTHER Bug with NY AHHHH!


NY_KND_CTR does NOT Cover NY Oceanic, only a callsign like NY_XXX_FSS would cover NY Oceanic.


In vRoute, KZNY is the "same" as NY Oceanic.


These are errors beside the one that KPHL is considered under DC's airspace, this is wrong. KPHL is a NEW YORK Airport!



That answer your question?


Private Pilot

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There are three such centers that need to be fixed - NY, Oakland and Miami. Complaining won't speed it up.





lol yea. people act like the bugs are going to kill them. its only the first version. Cant expect it to be 100% perfect. What i do recommend is that he email the ARTCC's of vatsim to get some info on the airspace, then he can fix it.

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