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VATASIA forum got hacked?

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I noticed this last night, it definately looks like a juvenile attempt to hack, as they didn't really change anything from a broswers perspective. It's only the forum subject titles that have been changed and some sections missing, the threads in the changed subjects seem to still be there.



Paul O'Donnell



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YES, the forum is hacked again.


I'm working to get the website/forum back to the original state.


A few things are changed.


- Running (outdated) back-up of January 2007

- Switched to another forum software (Invisionboard to phpBB2), the forum is now integrated in the website.

- Forum now available in the traditional chinese language. (Change it in your profile)

- Deleted all users with 0 (zero) posts, check the memberlist, if your account is deleted you should register again.


Also some data could be outdated because I used a backup of January 2007.





VATSIM ASIA Region > http://www.vatasia.net

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