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Request: Charts for Cambodia

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Hello Abraham,


I think the charts could possibly be on VATASIA website, however it is down at the moment. I've searched the internet quite thoroughly for Cambodia AIS or AIP, but no luck I'm afraid.

I did find the Civil Aviation for Cambodia website, but no luck there either as it didn't work http://www.civilaviation.gov.kh


The only thing I can seem to find which may be useful is some airport information, giving runway lengths etc.



VDPP, Phnom Penh Intl.


Sorry I couldn't be of better [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance.


I did however find a website for the Cambodia Flying Club, which had a link to a section of the AIP. So perhaps they might be of some help if you contacted on of their members.



Maybe someone else might know where to locate the charts for Phnom Penh airport.


All the best



Paul O'Donnell



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