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Beating a dead horse but unable to connect to virtual tower.

Peter Larsen 885332

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So beating a dead horse.

I have now read on the VRC forum, the VRC manuals and here and tried it all but i always get a "host failed" when trying to connect to virtual tower.

I've tried changin ports to port 80 in FS9 multiplay setting, i try joining a session with SB3 via the "Multiplayer -> Connect" and it also say "Squawkbox3 has joined the session" but i still get a host failed from VRC (only reason for FS9 . .).


What do i do wrong?.

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DONT run SB3 as well - you are simply confusing the issue here. The multiplayer code for the connection comes from the author SB3 but is integral in VRC 1.1 and greater so there is no need to also try to run it as a seperate program or module.


In VRC click on start MP session. Once it has started then go to FS and try to have it join the VRC session.



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i believe in the manual, Ross has put some text to change on a default cessna configuration file, on what to change to get higher and stabilis the aircraft, as for looking around use your joystick Hat switch if you have one

Alternatively you can download "ATC Tower Viewer", I think I found it on www.flightsim.com

I didn't want to edit the cfg file as I'm not too technical with such things, the ATC Tower viewer worked perfectly. I just loaded it up like I would do an aircraft, then slewed to where the tower actually is. Saved it up. Then connected up and worked a treat.

Now I can just load the save I made rather than slewing into place each time.



Paul O'Donnell



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I also use a proper Tower view, it's from Just Flight's traffic 2005. I load up ActiveSky for weather and the QNH and the QFE and the winds pop up on the appropriate displays in the tower. I'd love a display of VRC primary radar instead of the default FS9 map display shown. That would require some pretty hefty gauge programming though. Maybe a custom TCAS gauge might do the trick, I dunno. Good set-up wiht trackIR I guess.

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Myself and a few buddies have recently been using "Mobile Control Tower" which is available on AVSIM - see http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=fs2004misc&DLID=50656


I never bothered to install the supplied gauges, because I only ever use it in Virtual Cockpit mode (ie, no panel) - so that I can use TrackIR for scanning the field without using any mouse-keys. It's great!


The tower itself comes in five variations, each at different heights, and appears on the field as a bus, which you can simply position and save as a flight, for re-use later. Simple but effective - and if you really did want to make use of the 2D view (ie, no TrackIR), then there's plenty to keep you occupied - windgauges, radar, commstack, etc, if you install the gauges as per the accompanying docs.


I'd be interested to hear any comparisons between this and the other options mentioned above, if there's anything significant (always on the lookout for the best option, me! )

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