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connecting to vatsim via fsx

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I have been a vatsim member now since last year, and i updated to fsx. I have read and trid to install that fsinn and copilot, but it is just a disaster. It will not work atall, and i am following the instructions.

Can anyone reccomend any other software that will work on fsx and also connect to fsx?



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FSInn is the only software that will let you connect with FSX, until SB4 is released.


I'd suggest you post in the FSInn forum on here with the exact details of where it starts to go wrong, as I'm sure someone will be able to help




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I need a little more info before I can help, are you using VISTA or XP, is probably the vital piece of information and also when you say it wont work at all is a little vague.


Have you installed FS Copilot aswell.


you need to install FsCopilot firts then FSinn second.


If you havent done that uninstall Fsinn and start again with everything in the right order. It is relatively simple to install and get up and running but if you need help contact me, or go to the FSinn section of the forum.

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