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..I will post information on how to apply, here in this forum and/or on the VRC forums.


Well could you at least answer some preliminary questions such as;


1) Do we get paid in cash weekly?


2) Can we telecommute or do we get a 1200 sq/ft office with a view?


3) How liberal are you with employee stock options?


4) Does your 401(k) match us dollar to dollar, and are we 100% vested?


5) What type of equipment (flat panel monitors, cpu's, etc) to you provide us?


6) What's the 'hire-on' bonus, $5,000, $10,000, $100,000?


7) Are we eligible for our 6 week vacation at date-of-hire?


And the most important question:


Can we take the Metacraft G-V aircraft out whenever we need it, such as making an emergency trip to PHNL to help a VRC user (of course the company credit card will pay for fuel, lodging, dining, entertainment expenses, and a reasonable 'per-diem'!)?


Oh and BTW, great work on VRC 1.2 as usual Ross!



Gerry Hattendorf

ZLA Webmaster

VATSIM Supervisor

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Your enthusiasm is to be applauded but, and I in no way mean to sound sarcastic, but I think you need to read the posts as they are written.


Mr Ross carlson is very much a one man band in as much as he is the developer, designer, coder etc of VRC.


In my view Ross has the whole picture in his head, a little like George Lucas did with Star Wars.


Unlike George he doesn't need an army of people to help produce what in my view is the premier radar client in the virtual world at present. He does need beta testers but I think Ross has the perfect right to choose who he wishes to be in that group.


As Andres said the trick is not to ask.


It's a alittle like the Honors List here in the UK, you never get an MBE or some such by asking, you get nominated by others.


The other thing is that humour is difficult to see when its in the written word but I think the company aircraft and credit card was pretty easy to spot.


Enjoy the product and revel in the knowledge that Ross is dedicated to the VATSIM community.

Wycliffe Barrett: C3 Controller


"if god meant for us to fly, he would have given us tickets" Mel Brooks

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