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HI! i joined vatsim long time ago!!! and whenever i would want to play i woulden't be able to connect to the server!! i don't understand! i have squawkbox 3 and i just don't know how to connect to the server and where??? ive been loking and searching but i just don't know where i should get the ip adress? I REALLY NEED SOMEONE to tell me how to connect so i can finally play online with all the other VATSIM PEOPLE!!!!!



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Hi there.


There is plenty of stuff available to show you how to connect in the Pilot Resource Centre. Go to www.vatsim.net and click on "New Pilots Start here", or you can go directly to www.vatsim.net/prc




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You maybe follow the instruction correct , but the Squawkbox 3 (SB3) may have failed to download and update the server-list under connection (quite common issue).


If the VATSIM server list is empty, enter an address by hand e.g. by number (see who's on line > SERVERS).


Once successfully connected, the list should update automatically.


Also note, connection to VATSIM server are performed from SB3 only, (not from FS).

/ Lennart Vedin / vedinat.png910701.png

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