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Again 3 new instructors in VATEUD

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Dear members,



It is a great pleasure for me to announce that yet another 3 VATEUD members have successfully mastered the VATEUD instructor course and may now proudfully call themselves "Instructors":


Andreas Jung

Lluis del Cerro

Xavier van Niewenhyze


I am further very happy to announce that Stephen Murphy has been awarded the rating of Senior Instructor and that he will be joining the ATC academy staff as [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istant Manager of ATC Academy on permanent basis.


Well done gentlemen, and congratulations.


Our thanks also go out to Marc Riedel and Stephen Murphy for conducting their third successful instructor course. Marc and Stepen will nw be taking a short summer break and be back full of energy after August.



On behalf of the VATEUD-TD and the VATEUD staff


Martin Georg, VATEUD1

Peter I. Nielsen, VATEUD2

Thomas George, VATEUD3

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best regards,


Martin Georg


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