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Ait Aviation Event,LLSD(Sde Dov)to LCLK(Larnaca),IFR.

Erez Savir

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Dear Pilots,


AIT Aviation is an Israeli VA which handles light aircrafts flights (domestic and international) in Israel.

Now, we invite you all to join us to our 6th event which will take place in Saturday,March 5th, and will be our first international event.

The event starts at 1800 UTC, when our first aircraft departs from LLSD at that time (20:00 local).

We will leave Sde Dov airport (LLSD) and the beautiful city of Tel Aviv and fly together to beautiful Cyprus - FULL ATC COVERAGE during the event.


The event route:



Aircrafts you may use in the event:


- Cessna 172

- Cessna 182

- Twin Bonanza

- Socata TB20

- Beech Baron 58

- Beech Bonanza V35TC


To sign up for the event you need to enter this page: (English signup page)



Sde-Dov Scenery can be downloaded from here:


(By Nir Behar)


Charts can be downloaded from here:

* LLSD (some of the charts are in hebrew, sorry for that) - http://www.vatil.org/vatil/download_file.php?id=ia_llsd

* LCLK - http://avsim.com/hangar/flight/cvartcc/ifrcharts.html (Thanks for Cyprus VACC for the charts)


* Emails with furthur details will be sent to the pilots who will signup to the event.


Hope to see you in our event,

Air Aviation Staff.

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