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Strange sounding transmissions

Brian Nuss 887798

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Brian Nuss 887798

I'm trying to get the hang of VRC so I've started by just observing LAX TWR whenever I'm lucky enough to find someone manning it.


The problem I'm having is that everyone's voice sounds very strange 90% of the time. Its hard to describe but everyone's voice sounds like it wavers or wobbles. Its like a throbbing effect such that I can hear every other syllable clearly but the end result is that its almost unintelligable. Its as if the person speaking were covering his mike on and off and on and off repeatedly.


Note that about 5-10% of the time, the voice transmissions sound just fine. But then they revert back to the weird effect.


I tried the headset (which is a Gigaware) on the same pc with VATSIM and I hear them clear as a bell as well as everyone else on freq. Similiarly, they hear me very well too, with no distortion, so I know its not the headset or pc.


I tried changing the configuration in the Sounds menu from DirectSound to Wave and back again but that doesn't seem to have any effect.


Can anyone help me with this?






"The clueless newb of today is the seasoned loyal pilot of tomorrow." -Elchitz

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