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Newbie- How do I get traffic up?

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Hi guys. I'm new at VATSIM, (ex-eSky pilot) and I installed SB3 and I can hear everyone okay and stuff, but how do I see other multiplayer planes? Do I have to go in FS and connect via multiplayer or is connecting via SB3 all I have to do? I'm also wondering if I missed a piece of software that enables this. Thx!

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The issue is a common problem noted in VATSIM forum. After you are sure that you acctually have been close so you should have seen other aircrafts:


For FS2004 (i.e. FS9), Squawkbox 3 (SB3) do use local TCP/IP DirectX FS-Multiplayer connection only to make VATSIM aircrafts visible for you in your FS. Other data-tranfer to FS2004 use other technologies, SB3 use FSUIPC Memory mapping for other data-transfer.


- Check Direct X version 9c or later.

- Try FS in window mode (not in full screen mode), just to ensure you will see antivirus/firewall messages

- If router, for SB3 disable UPnP in router (This is not a recommendation for FSInn user).

- If router, you may try connect PC direct to internet to exclude router issues.

- UPnP in Windows XP services should also be disabled (but it should be default disabled in XP).

- Squawkbox 3 connect automatically to FS2004, but may fail. Look FS2004 Multiplayer status and try to connect to Squawkbox 3 by hand from FS, if required. Use PC local IP-address (if you use Squawkbox 3 at same PC as FS ) to connect FS2004 to SB3.

- You may try set antivirus some low-secure setting.

- Or uninstall antivirus in PC (uninstall is the only way to complete disable an antivirus). MAKE SURE you have firewall, a router or XP built in firewall enabled. Note you may need UNINSTALL antivirus. I shouldnt worry a try flight just connect to VATSIM without antivirus, ive fly VATSIM two year without antivirus.


SB3 is all you need for the connection and use FS at VATSIM.


ServInfo is not required to fly VATSIM, but certanly initial good tool to see where traffic and ATC are available at VATSIM: http://www.avsim.com/hangar/utils/servinfo

/ Lennart Vedin / vedinat.png910701.png

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