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VATIL first ever REAL OPS - 4.8 0600-2300 and 5.8 0300-2300

Barak Pecht 850077

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Good evening,


The Event will take place over the course of two days. The ATC coverage will begin on Saturday, August 4th at 8 AM local Israel time (0600Z) and will last until 2AM (2300Z).

After a brief rest period, the full ATC coverage will resume at 6AM (0300Z) Sunday morning the 5th, and will last until 2AM (2300Z).

As with all Real Ops events, the primary goal is to mirror the real operations of Tel Aviv Ben-Gurion International Airport (LLBG) with over 350 slots overall.


Deatils and bookings here : http://www.vatil.org/vatil/RealOps/index.php

Barak Pecht - VATIL6

VATIL Events Director

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