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Caution Wake Turbulence and Spirit of Mumbai Event

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On behalf of South East Asia region, I would like to thank all pilots in taking part our Caution Wake Turbulence and Spirit of Mumbai event held on 28th July 2007.


Many thanks to all VATSEA and VATSIM India controllers participating in this event. Special thanks to the supporting ATC from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and as well ATC in VATJPN and VATKOR.


In addition, special thanks to Joe Leung on his efforts for his post event report. In his report, he has made some interesting observations and good recommendations on certain flight routes. I will be working closely with the respective event directors on how to promote and increase traffic on these routes.


We are planning to organise more interesting events in Asia Region. Next up, our annual event - Eastern Wind 2007 in Sep 07. This year, we will be expecting more major airports to open up and greater ATC coverage. You will be spoilt for choice. Details will be release later.



Dick Teh

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