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Malaysian Terminology

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There's not a major difference between UK and Malaysia, well as far as I know. Quite a few places in Asia have some similarities with UK, Singapore and Hong Kong have some similar aspects in phraseology, I think Malaysia does also.


You can find some information about Malaysia here: http://www.myfir.info/index.html

Although the information and website is somewhat old, as activity in Malaysia is quite low these days. Most of its activity is during events in Asia in which a visiting controller helps out on WMFC_CTR.


Transition altitude in Malaysia is 11,000ft and Transition level is FL130 except in a 10nm area centred at Mount Kinabalu, which the lowest safe altitude is 15,000ft and the lowest safe level is FL170


You can find the Malaysia Aeronautical Information Package here if you really want to learn more: http://aip.dca.gov.my/



Paul O'Donnell



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