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Robert Adamson 1004395

First online flight

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Hi Robert,


I have posted below links to the Aust Airservice / New Zealand Aip Charts.







If you come across a ATC in your travels and not sure what he /she is talking about ask them to explain, it helps if you have the word "NEWBIE" in you pilot cilent (ie: Fsinn Sqwuakbox) this will help ATC to ident who new at this.


Follow all IFR rtes "Standard Route Clearances" provided by the links above and follow all ATC instructions, and most important to do is to have a good time online.


If you not sure on ATC proceedure goto a airport sit on the ground where a ATC / Traffic are and listen in on the ATC freq.

Ray Lang

Deputy Regional Director - VATSIM Oceania

Vatsim Senior Supervisor

Team Lead 1

Pacific Oceanic Partnership Admin

Have a question? Email [email protected]


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