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Airport is not in the sectorfile - ERROR

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Please hold on and do not deal with my post below, because I think I found the reason outside ES. Thanks


Servus Gergely,

Roman is right. While the LLLL sectorfile is loaded, all airports I tried in Israel and which appear in the .sct file, issue the subject error.



i need to set up ATIS and i get that error

how do i set the airport in my sectorfile?



Regards, Opher Ben Peretz

Senior Instructor


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i've solved this issue.


what you have to do is:


replace LLBG line in [AIRPORT] with:

LLBG 132.100 N032.00.10.191 E034.52.47.206 C ; Ben Gurion


replace runways with:


03 21 000 000 N032.00.16.603 E034.53.27.986 N032.01.10.681 E034.54.02.529 LLBG Ben_Gurion;-

08 26 000 257 N032.00.49.600 E034.51.36.956 N032.01.11.139 E034.53.59.140 LLBG Ben_Gurion;-

12 30 118 000 N032.00.55.378 E034.52.00.121 N032.00.01.267 E034.53.44.318 LLBG Ben_Gurion;-



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Just FYI. The comment at the end of the [AIRPORT] entry, "; Ben Gurion" although handy is not required. Its just a comment hence the preceding semicolon. What is required is "LLBG Ben_Gurion" in each respective [RUNWAY] entry in order for LLBG Ben_Gurion to appear in the airport field of the Active airport/runway selector. This is a bug and has been reported. The .sct file format does not define any such data field in the [RUNWAY] section.



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The ; is surely not a required part of the definition. It is the start of the comments in the line. So the EuroScope does not interpret anything after the ; nor the ; itself. There should be something different reason for your case. I will take another look to your sectorfile.


EuroScope developer

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In my sectorfile I had in the [AIRPORT] section entrys like following:


EDDT 124.525 N052.33.38.000 E013.17.32.000 A Berlin Tegel


It did not work with ATIS and .rcenter and automatic .rcenter in case of login.


After changing it to - pay attention to the semikolon - :


EDDT 124.525 N052.33.38.000 E013.17.32.000 A ;Berlin Tegel


it works.

Andre Helm, VATSIM-Germany, Berlin


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