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Sector and ESE files for EuroScope

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Hi all,


Here you can find a reference list to the EuroScope compatible sector and extension files from all around VATSIM.


The list is so far:


  • Brazilian sectorfiles (
http://www.euroscope-tropadeelite.com.br) - by Wills Damasio and the Euroscope Tropa de Elite
Cyprus FIR (http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=120747) - by Chris Makris
CZVR (http://www.czvr.ca/_Controller_Resources/_VRC/index.php) - by Bob Price
Danish Euroscope files (http://www.vaccsca.org/uploads/ekdk_official_08_07-EUSC.zip) - by Sthephen Slot Oddgaard and Martin Rosenkjær
EDBB (http://home.arcor.de/cherryx/Sectorfiles/Euroscope/ES_EDBB_0804_v10.zip) - by Oliver Gruetzmann
EGTT (http://www.vatsim-uk.org/files/sector/egtt-euroscope.zip, and a mirror at http://vatsim.reevery.net/egtt-euroscope.zip) - by Matthew Reeve (Note this isn't the whole of the UK - it doesn't cover EGPX (Scottish), just London (EGTT))
Eurocontrol East (http://euroscope.hu/Sectors/eureuir.rar)
Eurocontrol South (http://euroscope.hu/Sectors/eursuir.ese) - by Opher Ben-Peretz (the SCT file can be downloaded from http://vateud.org/files/sectors/eursuir.zip)
Hellenic vACC - LGGG LGMD CTR Sector File (http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=fs2004misc&DLID=114550) - by Christopher Barbas
Indianapolis ARTCC (vZID) (http://www.vzidartcc.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=12&Itemid=31) - by A. Karl Kornel (not just a A. Karl Kornel, _the_ A. Karl Kornel)
Italy package, in beta, constantly upgraded (http://www.lucavettu.com/download/es/italy.rar) - by Luca Vetturi
Montreal FIR (http://czul.info/ES/CZUL_ES.zip) by Jean-Frédérik Dion
Northern Africa and Central Africa (http://vatame.vacc-morocco.org/index.html) - by Bernard Candela
Poland (Warszawa FIR) (http://www.dziadowiec.pl/index.php?page=vs&section=1) by Marcin Dziadowiec
VACCBUL (http://vaccbul.avsim-bg.org/Files/EuroScopeFiles_v2.zip) - by Todor Atanasov also a SATCAS Manual at http://vaccbul.avsim-bg.org/doc/SATCAS_manual.pdf
VACCHUN (http://www.euroscope.hu/Sectors/Hungary_2008_08_08_v65.zip)
VATIL (http://www.vatil.org/vatil/download_file.php?id=LLLL_v.3.69_for_Euroscope) - by Opher Ben Peretz
VACC-SAG/Berlin-FIR EDBB (http://www.cherryx.de/Sectorfiles/Euroscope/Archive/ES_edbb_0710.zip) - by Oliver Gruetzmann
VACC-SAG/EDGG(EDFF/EDLL)/EURM (http://idisk.mac.com/janniswiese-Public/VATSIM/EuroScope-ESE/stable/EuroScope.zip) - by Jannis Wiese
VACC-SAG/EDMM (http://www.akxak.de/SAG-EDMM_ESE.zip) - by Andreas Klein
VACCSCA/Sweden FIR (ESAA) (http://www.vaccsca.org/uploads/ESAA_FIR_0804.zip) - by Petter Jakobsson
VACCSCA/Denmark (http://www.vaccsca.org/uploads/ekdk_official_08_07-EUSC.zip) - by Morten Jelle
ZLC-ARTCC USA, Version ZLC_ES262, SaltLakeCenter (http://www.box.net/shared/jcia1p1jg2) - by Earl Miller


Actually it is not an ESE file but thanks to Tobias Reimann (and for the coordination for Oliver Grützmann), a maintained database of ICAO Airline codes ara available for EuroScope users. Follow the http://vatdb.tr-media.org/ link to download the latest version.


Thank you for the registered files. I would like to ask everyone to send me links using this thread. I will copy the link to the list.

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EuroScope developer

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Euroscope will look for a file named after your sector file, with the ESE extension (abc.sct -> abc.ese).


This is what it may contain -> http://www.euroscope.hu/wiki/index.php?page=ESE_Files_Description


The ese file is not required but it enables many features in EuroScope, hense the warning message when it's found missing.

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Hello All,


After some time some friends and I set up a team which expertise is the develop and promote Euroscope in Brazil, we call ourselves Euroscope Tropa de Elite (Euroscope Elite Squad). Since then we are developing many sectors to be used in Brazil that can be fount at:




We also developed a Startup KIT (AFA KIT) which contains enough information in order to enable any person to use Euroscope in a easy way.


Such kit can be found at:







Wills Damasio





"E agora o bicho vai pegar!


Tropa de Elite

Osso duro de roer

Pega um pega geral

Também vai Controlar você..."


(Original de Tihuana)

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Hey Gergely,


The ZLC LInk doesn't seem to work althought that may just be me.


THe Sectorfiles for Australia: (VATPAC):



Papua New Guinea (AYPM FIR):



New Zealand (VATNZ):




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