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Caribbean Nights Saturday October 6th 0000z-0300z

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Every Saturday Night between 0000z-0300z join us for "Caribbean Nights". Each week one of our 6 FIR's will host this event, we will feature airport(s) throughout VATCAR. The Caribbean is a challenging but fun area to fly, precision approaches, non-precision approaches, short fields, terrain challenges we have it all. Whether you like long or short flights, the Caribbean is situated in easy reach of the US, Mexico and South America. Come enjoy the beauty as you hop from Island to Island and discover the hidden treasures of the Caribbean.



October 6th 2007


This week's host FIR is: Havana



Featured Airport:

Jose Marti International [MUHA]

Antonio Maceo International [MUCU]


Suggested Arrival/Departure Airports:

Miami Int'l Airport [KMIA], (210nm)

Willemstad/Hato Int'l Airport [TNCC],(1071nm)

Cancun Int'l Airport [MMUN],(278nm)

Sangster Int’l Airport [MKJS],(414nm)




**Note: Many Caribbean Airports have limited Gates/Parking, it is suggested that "Crash Detection" is turned off. If you use FSPAX or other similar programs, please load these programs "offline" then connect to VATSIM for departure or upon arrival, disconnect then unload using these programs. This helps ensure there is space for other aircraft since parking may be limited at some airports. Many airports also require backtrack for landing and departing runways, If you need to backtrack, please expedite your movements so the next aircraft can depart or arrive with minimal delay. Please be prepared for possible Gate Holds, Holding Patterns or possible Diversions to alternate airports. Please check in advance the size of aircraft that can be accommodated at the airports your arriving and departing from. Many airports throughout the Caribbean are unable to handle larger aircraft, Turboprops are common for flights from Island to Island while larger Jets are accommodated at the larger airports.

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