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Hi Sean,


Default Flightsim ATC only has the one accent, but if you are flying online on VATSIM in Ireland you are most likely to be speaking to an Irish controller. Check out VATeir's website (the Irish division of VATSIM) for more details on the organisation: http://www.vateir.com


See ya in the Irish skies!

VATSIM Supervisor


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Thanks mate,but it doesn't tell me when people will be online

thanks for the response



Hi Sean,


The best time to see ATC Online in Ireland is after 7pm local. Generally there will be some sort of ATC online. Also look at our up coming events as every Friday night there is ATC from 19:00 to 22:00 local at a variety of airports.


Hope that helps,


Stephen Murphy

VATeir Director

Stephen Murphy - VATeir Director


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