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Cross-Strait Flight '07 ZSPD/ZSAM/RCTP DEC08 12-16z

Alfred Tang

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Alfred Tang



Shanghai vACC and VATROC will jointly hold another event crossing the Taiwan Strait.


Mainland-Taiwan direct charter flight has now entered 3rd year operation in real world. The charter is more convenient and viable option designed for business travelers from both sides of the Taiwan Strait to travel back to their hometowns during holiday seasons; this was not available until 2005 when authorities have approved the operations of such flights. The charter flights are very popular during Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, and National Day as it provides a direct pathway for travelers to fly across the strait.


This year's event will feature three major airports in eastern Asia: Shanghai Pudong (ZSPD), Xiamen Gaoqi (ZSAM), and Taipei Taoyuan (RCTP). Charters flights will be operating during the event flying non-stop from the mainland to the Fomorsan island with fully-staffed ATC service. Details are as follow:


Date: 08 December 2007

Time: UTC 1200-1600 (Beijing Time 2000-0000)

Airports: Shanghai Pudong (ZSPD), Xiamen Gaoqi (ZSAM), Taipei Taoyuan (RCTP)

Website: http://shanghai.vatasia.net/071208_event.htm


Charts and related sceneries are available in the website. Please be advised that RVSM metric level has been effective since 21 November 2007. Metric conversion chart is available in the website.


We wish every participant a very pleasant time. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight.

Alfred Tang (934809)


Director | Hong Kong VACC


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