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Ideas for a new Sweatbox program.

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Being the Training Administrator, I'm hoping I can get ahold of whoever is in charge of Sweatbox now. I see it was created by Christopher Serio. I haven't seen him around in a long time so I'd like to get ahold of whoever is in charge of it. I'm hoping to talk about re-doing the program. I would like to see a more user friendly program. Couple things I like:


1) ILS approaches

2) Create traffic on the fly

3) ACS Edit to help create scenario files

4) Easy text docomeent editing for the scenario files

5) Ability to open multiple scenario files


Things I would like to see in an update:


1) Ability to do approaches other than ILS's

-For instance: Training staff can add approaches by waypoint and altitudes

2) Aircraft disappear when they land or are handed off to tower (or ability to initiate a go around)

3) Ability to have aircraft sqwk stby

-This idea is mainly because I’ve been using ACSIM to train on uncontrolled field operations believe it or not. So having the ability to have an aircraft sqwk stby is nice.

4) More user friendly (no drop down list with the 50 aircraft from the scenario)

-Maybe a list layout of aircraft like TWR Trainer

5) Ability to control aircraft through VRC (like TWR Trainer)

6) Ability to enter they type of hold an aircraft does (select radial/dme or time of legs etc...)



Those are the ideas I have as of now. I am willing to work with someone on developing this. Although I don’t have a programming background, I’m willing to help in any way I can. I would like to see ACSIM renovated to be more user friendly with more features. Thoughts?




Aaron Barclay

ZAU Training Administrator

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There is already a neat training tool available in Euroscope: www.euroscope.hu. Many of the features that you requested are already built in. Maybe you want to give it a try! It can also give you some more inspiration for your training program.


The Euroscope trainer hase some nice features such as:

  • * the aircrafts fly along flightplans including departure and arrival procedures
    * you can preset delays for the aircrafts so that they will appear at different times during the sim session
    * the speed and descend profiles are highly realistic
    * a Tower simulator is also included


Another goodie: your trainee does not need to use Euroscope - he can use his favorite client like ASRC or VRC. In contrast to Sweatbox, you don't have to login onto the training server; Euroscope hosts the training session on your computer. Therefore you have to open this port in your firewall (sometimes a real pain...).



Best regards,



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