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First Kiwi post

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Hi guys and girls!


Bev, how are things going down there? I still didn't get to fly virtually with you in NZ. I will try to get to do that next weekend when I will have more time for a long nightshift And let's see, I am still looking for property in NZ

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I see you now live in France....you sure do get around.


I did not know you were looking for property down this side of the globe. Good luck with that.


It was so nice to meet you and yes, I am still with Air New Zealand and loving it.


Have applied for Cabin Crew with Freedom Airlines ( the budget airline for Air NZ). They have accepted my application and now am waiting for them to start recruiting out of Christchurch.


Take care



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Hi Im a kiwi and very new to all this will jump on sunday night and observe whats going on what freq do I need to dial up I have NZHN 122.900 at the moment but can any of you fellow kiwis help me set up my ATC I cant seem to find the sector files or else there arent actually any there nice to meet you I look forward to controlling the skies with you all

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G'day Scott, Welcome.


You can find resources for NZ at the VATPAC site, www.vatpac.org . VATPAC is the Division that looks after providing information, resources and training in NZ, Australia and the Pacific Islands.


You can download sector files from the 'Airspace' - 'Sector Files' - 'New Zealand' menu.


You will also find some frequency (and other) information in 'Airspace' - 'Airspace Information' - 'New Zealand' - 'Airspace Guide'. You will also be able to easily see what frequency controllers are on in the ATC client by selecting a logged on controller in the controller list.




John Golin

VATSIM Oceania - Deputy Regional Director

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