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Nepal & Bhutan

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Hello fellow pilots!


I was just wondering, if anyone knew something about ATC services in Nepal and Bhutan!? I love flying in that region, especially the nice "Mt. Everest Hopper" from Kathmandu, Nepal to Paro, Bhutan with DrukAir -Royal Bhutan Airlines A319.


So if you evt. know to some servers, local servers or servers for nearby countries, then just reply.


Thanx in advance


Mirza Ibrahimovic

Mirza Ibrahimovic | VATSIM Adria PR & Events Manager

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Nepal is again a wonderfull region to fly to and full of amazing challenges. I regret the absence of ATC in nepal.

It's my pleasure to announce to youas the first pilot to fly this VA the availability of a new virtual airlines yeti airlines based in nepal. They are flights specially challenging to perform with the DH6 twin otter on very short runways for taking off and landing. The new aircraft by aerosoft on FSX is awesome.

What is nice also is the fact of having to do everything on visual which is far away from these simple ILS approach where you jut activates the AP and it does most of the rest(even an FMC for a VOR approach makes you life very easy). Here you have to find you ways through valleys and go down smartly and try to land on this super short runway.

If an atc WOULD BE THERE it would add even more fun to the challenges.

The scenery is so wonderfull, it's an experience like nothing else to do vatsim in nepal

The more people try it the more fun it could be.


So please VATSIM controllers take the challenges of driving us nuts in Nepal.

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We are VATSIM India can help you with ATC at Nepal and Bhutan. We have experience with VNKT and VQPR as many of our divisional pilots routinely fly there and we provide [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist them. You may get in touch with us to organize visits to Nepal & Bhutan.


Tanveer Y[Mod - Happy Thoughts]er

Director Training


Tanveer Yasser

ACCBGD1 - Director Bangladesh vACC



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Hi folks, a while since i posted, I suddenly found mu post again, sorry for that!


Well, back to Bhutan. As you maybe are hearing in the neighbourhood, Bhutan is up to building 5 more (primary domestic) airports in the next years. Of course, it is easier to talk then build runways on vertical soil. But the idea is to create a network of domestic airports beside the over 80 helipads in the country, so people can travel in few hours in stead of days. The flights would probably be flown with planes like DO-228 and the ATR-42.


It is still in a early phase, so little is written on english (what I can find), so here is what I found about the locations, where I for the first 2 have tryed to create AFCAD files. But even the best and heaviest meshes for Himalaya make some challenges on the first hill-top location, Yonphula/Yongphulla, where a location of 400ft lower then stated fits great and realsitic into the mesh, but the stated altitude is placing the runway on a pylon/cliff totally unrealistic:



The first airport to be opened would probably be Yonphula/Yongphulla at the south east of the country on a hilltop at 8.952ft, 12/30 1300x30 m former gravel strip established in '62 and never used, now resurfaced but still lacking work with apron and blowing up 3 hilltops that is eating up the runway. The airport is amazing and never the less so risky due to the hight clear location and therefore cross winds, low clouds and fog:


View onto rwy 12:







View from rwy 30:



The geo-location seen from direction of rwy 30:



Google Maps location.



Bathpalathang in Bumthang is the next most realistic airport whic is located at a river bed similar to Paro but with better approach zones. Runway will be 16/34 1200x23 m and at about 8.400 ft. Here is the location/valley:




Google Mapslocation.



For more information on the 2 most realistic projects mentioned above, you can see p. 73 and on in this PDF rapport from ASIAN DEVELOPMENT BANK.



In the early stages of the discussions regarding new airports in Bhutan, beside Yonphula, the most realstic and easy to build project was in Gaylegphug/Gelephu/Galephu/Gyeltsha in the south of Bhutan, the flatlands bordering to India. It was planned as an alternate to Paro and to be an international airport at a site of 940 acres. But the land-owner-issue is forcing the airport size to the half and now it is being considered whatever the airport is needed at all, as there are to airports in the vicinity/India hour a way...


Google Maps location.



And the last projects, Bartsham and Torsa/Phuentsholing in central and southeast Bhutanu are waiting final analysis of the locations, even though some locations have been analysed. Those seem to be the last priorities.


Google Maps location of the last one.



And if some of you have more specific material, please advise me, as I am interested in those airstrips



Advise us when you from India could hold Bhutan online?

Mirza Ibrahimovic | VATSIM Adria PR & Events Manager

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Im Michael Corcoran, the Co-Facility lead at the new Nepal FIR developing division here on VATSIM. We try to staff up our airports as much as possible, and would love to see more pilots in the area


Great to see your interest in Nepal!


Our Website: http://nepalfir.yolasite.com/


Mike C.

Michael Corcoran - C1

Denver ARTCC

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