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VATEUD1 resignation

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Dear VATEUD members,



I am hereby resigning from my VATEUD1 position. I will also step back from my duties as a VATSIM supervisor, and end my VATSIM ATC career. I do not intend to spend any time on the network for the foreseeable future. There are fundamental differences between me and other VATSIM staff members about the direction VATSIM should take into a prosperous future, and I do not see any chance for my ideas to fall on fruitful ground here.


Dear VATEUD members, it has been a great pleasure and an honor for me to be at your service during these past years. I wish you all the best of luck for your future endeavours.


Blue skies!

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best regards,


Martin Georg


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Any dealings that have taken place between he UK and EUD have always been conducted in a fair manner by yourself and i would like to thank you for that.


Despite what you have said i still hope to see you still controlling on the network in the future.


Good Luck and Thank You.



Simon Irvine

VP Europe, Middle East and Africa Region

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Hallo Martin,


you leave me puzzled and I am sorry to see you resign from your position as VATEUD 1. You are surely one of those few very polarizing personalities here in our hobby. You are able to express your opinion very well and sometimes this came back to you. Maybe the last few weeks in VACC-SAG were not the best ones and I do regret that the communication between me and you did not work better in the last months. Errors are made every single day, but if you resign, it must be something really big. As you wrote in your resignation note, it is something fundamental. And maybe your "dose" of VATSIM has been too high, after all these years? I see the drive, emotion, money and time that you personally have invested into this great hobby as something positive, and although sometimes you stepped on some feet (and that hurt!), I don't want blame you for it.


Anyways, I hope you can get some distance between you and VATSIM, so we can welcome you back soon, even if it is as "pilot-only". The VATSIM-virus cannot be stopped!


In conclusion I would to emphasize that we had our different points of views and a looooong radio-silence, but I do regret seeing you leave the network, somehow VATSIM/VACC-SAG won't be the same without Martin Georg aka. "The Voice"!


Relax! See you soon.

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So long good fellow. Sorry to hear you are leaving. Through all those years I've learned, that it would be a waste of time to go into discussion with you about your descision. Always blue skies buddy.


N.B. If you feel the desire to organize another VATSIM convention just drop me a call.

Dieter Brugger

VATSIM Supervisor



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Martin it is with sadness that I received this resignation.


You are perhaps the most enthusiastic staff member that I have ever cooperated with while being in SATCO & VATSIM.


Your contribution has been invaluable even though we had our disagreements.


All I can say for now is that I am honestly very sorry to see you go. The rest of the talks will continue between us and the vateud staff.


Regards and THANK YOU for everything.


Hellenic vACC | Olympic Air Virtual

Europe Region Director 2001-2011

Pilot: P5 | ATC: C3

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It is dissapointing to see yet another 'old war horse' feel the need to leave VATSIM, however I fully understand your decision based on the treatment you have recieved.


It is a disgrace that VATSIM appears to be more interested in getting as many new members as possible, without a care about why so many long established, highly experianced controllers leave.


I think it is fairly clear that the current VATSIM ethos is quantity over quality.


You can walk away with your head held high, mate. You have done yourself, division and region proud!

Michael Benson

Importer and Exporter of aluminium tubing from Slough Intl

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Martin I am very sad to see you go. You were truly a person that is virtually irreplaceable. Aside from that, Thank you very much for your time and dedication to the network. You won't be forgotten.


From all of us at CrovACC we wish you all the best outside of Vatsim and your future en devours.


Kind Regards,

Daniel Gustin

VATEUD3 -Training Director Pilots


Come on kids! The more forum posts you have, the better!

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from my side, I am very very sad that You have resigned since in our region of Europe we saw a hope for getting things to a right direction. I hope that this dissapointment will not discourage You to fly virtually either offline or online, whichever network it may be. I wish You all the best and thank You for all the help You have provided to our part of Europe and our "big" vACC.


With best regards,

Goran Brumen



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Dear Martin,


Sorry to see you go. Thank you for beeing so long with us and your patience. I realy hope to see you back. Please remember... VATSIM is not one man show (if you have disagreement with someone We are community and it makes us STRONG!

If you will be in Lithuania, just drop me a mail!



Best regards



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Dear Martin,

I am very sad to read about your resignation, and even more sad to read that you leave VATSIM.

Thank you for everything you have done for VATSIM, and for VATIL.

Hop to see you in VATSIM soon, took care my friend.


From VATIL website:

Another big thanks goes to Mr. Martin Georg (ACCSAG11) and vACC-SAG. Mr. Georg helped us promote our division from the beginning, and was always available to show support.



Izik Bakshi

VATIL Online Day - Just fly!




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