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I just got a new laptop (specs below), So far I haven't had any technical errors and Vista runs pretty smooth, I installed VRC clean, no errors perfect, to find a pretty jagged out screen.


This is how it looked on my old graphics card ( ATI X1400 )




Compared to the new ( NVIDIA GeForce 8600M )




* No it's not that bad in the colors, It's just paint that messed it up.


This happened to me some time ago , but I can't remember How I fixed it. I have played with the settings and all I have moved is the AA and the AF, I have them at 8x and have move them to 16x to see if that changed anything. But the NVIDIA control panel is pretty sucky, not that much options.


NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT 256MB

Intel Core 2 Duo 1.86 Blah



Vista 64bit


Any help appreciated!

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It's definitely Anti Aliasing that makes the difference. I've noticed that many Vista video drivers don't support OpenGL very well (which is what VRC uses to draw graphics) and it may be that your new driver just doesn't support AA in OpenGL.


Personally I much prefer no antialiasing in VRC because it makes the text look a bit blurry.

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Jose the Nvidia 8 series works fine for me (8800GT). Just turn off the AA in the Nvidia control panel and and select to let the application decide what to use for AA. Then change the AA settings in your programs and it should work like a charm.

Shawn "SX" Goldsworthy

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