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Spring Time: Passover 2005 Control Center!

Kobi David 817197

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Dear VATSIM Members,


We would like to invite you all to VATIL’s annual spring time Control Center event.


The event will take place from Friday, May 6th at 14:00, until Saturday the 7th 22:00 UTC. (FULL ATC DURING ONESKY4!)

This way we hope to provide special opportunity for all of you to join us, regardless of time-zone differences.



During the event, we will operate a special "Control Center", simulating all Ben Gurion International airport ATC positions, from Delivery to Approach & Tel Aviv center as well.

This "Center" will provide over 24 Hours of full ATC coverage at LLBG, so all of you out there will have a chance to enjoy it regardless of time zone.


Feel free to book your flight here:


http://www.vatil.org/vatil/p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]over/booking.php


Hope to see you all in the friendly blue sky of Israel.



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Kobi David



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Hello all,

I would like to thank all pilots who participated in our event from friday 1600z to Saturday 2000z.

We had over 385 flights over 30 hours, more than 12 per hour. On a recent tour our division members had in LLBG's coordination and flight information center the FIR officer told us that LLBG is able to accept 16 flights per hour given it's runway layout. So imagine the stress on our controllers, and I think they handeled it very well!

We had lots of fun, we hope you too!

Special thanks for Omri Soudry and his family for hosting us all and sacrificing their home for the sake of good ATC!

More speical thanks to Atilla Abraham from VACCHUN for his great help with the Slot system implemented on our site for this event.


Here are some pictures, taken by Afik barak, Ben Bogin, Omri and me.

The Ben Gurion tower positions: LLBG_DEL, LLBG_E_GND, LLBG_W_GND and LLBG_TWR.



Shadi (VATAME2 with his controller ID).



The Spirit of VATAME/VATIL -

Shadi, an Arab Israeli and Hagai, a Religious Jew sit together and enjoy our great hobby.



Izik (VATIL5) at LLBG_E_GND, me on LLBG_W_GND and Barak on LLBG_TWR.



Shadi (VATAME2) on LLBG.



Ben Gurion controllers.



ELAL lands on rwy 12.



BAW Concorde.



Aircraft holding short rwy 12.



Aviv on LLLL_CTR.



Aviv and Jonathan on CTR and APP. We kept the CTR/APP stations away from the tower, with a Motorola communication between them.






A visiting real world El Al Captain take a PMDG 737 for a spin on the simulator station we set up in the control room.



All in all, this was a great event for us, augmented by the fact that most of the time we had Nicosia, Cairo, Amman and the Onesky Participant couintries online.


Pictures from my one and only flight (I had to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume control duties) in this event can be found by clicking here (You will like them).

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