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about changing port on the next VRC 1.2.2

Abdelrahman M. Elfeky 1044

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hello ,


I still have the problem with the bloacking ports in our Wireless network , so i would like to give a suggestion


the port UDP 3690 which is need to forwarded . the problem was like this , i connect through my university Wireless Internet network and they are blocking the port , i tried to talk to them but they still blocking it , and i think the only solution for that is the VRC itself , why dont the next VRC 1.2.2 be fixable , i mean why don't the VRC be like the Squwakbox application (used for pilots) , in other words why dont we control the ports that VRC can use it to connect , what if we as users let the VRC connect through ports we choose , so we can connect in any port is already opened in the network


i hope this suggestion take place


thank you and have a good day ,,,

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Doesn't work that way. The VATSIM servers listen for specific ports. If you change your client to a different port, the VATSIM servers will never "hear" your client and you will not connect. It's really that simple.


The answer is that to use VRC you have two choices:


(1) Get your network admin to open the ports

(2) Access the internet through another network where the ports are open


You don't mention where the network you are having problems with is, but given the fact the ports are blocked, sounds like the admins are concerned about network intrusion. Most corporate networks take a similar approach. I can tell you that when I am at work, my internet computer (running on a Navy network) blocks all ports -- Instant Messaging software is blocked, webmail is blocked, POP3 email access is blocked, etc. Obviously I can't run VRC (or any other VATSIM client) at work -- nor should I since that is a government computer network for work only.


Bottom line -- what you describe/want is NOT technically possible. Only other option would be for VATSIM to shift to a port your network doesn't block...and several hundred thousand members, software clients and standards, VATSIM isn't going to change just for you.


Regret that is the case, but it's where we are. Recommend you talk to your network admins and/or look for another internet connection.



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Now, I could be wrong here, but I'm sure I saw or heard someone mention that you could set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to another computer outside of your network through available ports and then just run VRC through that.


Never done this before, so I can't vouch for it's effectivness nor could I help you set it up.


Hopefully, someone here with a bit more knowledge could chime in about this.




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