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First make sure your aircraft even has a transponder as some of XPlanes default ones do not. Technically they ALL have transponders however the panel doesn't display them. They were designed before XSquawkbox was designed so there was no need for a transponder since there was no way to interface with Air Traffic Control. Anyway, it's usually right near the VHF radios and usually says "1200" on it. when you are issued a squawk, you put in the number that ATC gives you into that box. Which aircraft are you trying to set the transponder in?

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Christopher Serio,

Developer XTower/AVC/XSB/ACSim (Sweatbox)


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[Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming the aircraft you are using has the transponder you just push the numeric keypad and insert the code. If the transponder has four selectors for the squawk code numbers just p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] the mouse over them until the arrow appears and click.

Some info can be found here


Hope it helps!

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