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sticky mouse on pmdg problem

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good day to you all,


i just bought the pmdg yesterday 6/700 and since its bn installed my mouse is freezin terribly, even as i am trying to write this, - the problem is only when i am in the pmdg, - every 3-4 seconds my cursor dissapears and comes back after about 4 seconds, as i say its only when in the pmdg,


any help would be much appreciated as it is quite intolerable, -even as i write this my text doesnt come up right away.


specs core 2 e6850 3.0

p5ne32sli mobo

2 gig ram

250 hdd


apparently im only using half my processor, so any ideas????




edit : i am also running active cam and vasfmc


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hi norman,


ive only just bought it and i dont know how to fly it yet, and if i put the airport im going to into vasfmc, i know roughly how far away i am.


actually its like its the same thing thats happening like before when i tried to fly offline and go on tower at the same time,


ive read a few bits about frame rates and stuff and dont think pmdg has hit me that hard actually, its a bit strange to explain.

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Sometimes addons simply conflict, so it would be nice to know if this happens without vasFMC.


As an example, I know of a freeware TCAS dll loads itself when FS runs. Without the dll I get super frame rates in my PSS 757/777 yet with the dll installed (which isn't used by the PSS aircraft) frame rates dive to nil.



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