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17.03.08 | Staff-Changes in SAG

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Hello Colleagues,


here an update about some changes within SAG-borders.


SAG1 => Marc Riedel [837945]

ATC-TD => VACANT (I cover it at the moment)

Chief EVENT/PR => Michael Woehry [919629] quit, Daniel Raetzel [946945] is new Chief.


Deputy WEB/TEC => Christoph Neukirch [1035754]

Deputy Pilots TD => Sebastian Humm [956678]


We just had a huge application action - so some positions will be filled up soon.

Marc Riedel


vACC-SAG Director, Mentor & ATC Frankfurt FIR

Manager VATEUD ATC-Academy, VATEUD/SAG Examiner


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An new update:


ATC-TD => Christoph Piel [810816]


Chief EVENT/PR => Daniel Raetzel [946945] is new Chief.


Deputy EVENT/PR => Kai Bock [955925]


EDWW Cief => Jörg Büsing [983922]

EDWW Dep. Chief => Paul Holtkamp [841307]


EDBB Chief => Marcus Wietholz [870778]

EDBB Dep. Chief => Thorbjörn Schönbeck [881214]


EDMM Chief => Rainer Brinkschulte [811970]

EDMM Dep. Chief => Thorsten Zoerner [906808]


EDFF Chief => Matthias Schmitz [905157]

EDFF Dep. Chief => Kay Wesche [991619]


EDLL Chief => Peter Herrman [887329]

EDLL Dep. Chief => Christian Kisslinger [982245]


LSAS unchanged


LOVV Chief => Bernhard Harb [933889]

LOVV Dep. Chief => Clemens Moritz [881890]


Hope it is right.

More can be view here: http://www.vacc-sag.org/?PAGE=staff

Regards Timm Rehberg

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/V1Simulations/

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I think there is an error in the listing for the Staff Member Munich FIR at http://www.vateud.org/default.php?section=1&sub=2. I think it should rather be edmm(at)vacc-sag.org than edww(at)vacc-sag.org.


You can find plugins for EuroScope at http://es-pluginworld.nilshillmann.de/projects/

Currently available there:

- OCC Plugin Version 1.2 (Development approved by Gergely Csernak)

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As written in another post, the previous FIR Wien became it's own VACC, the VACC Austria, on 1st of July 2008. Therefore the FIR Wien Director and it's Deputy are no longer members of the VACC SAG staff.


If you want to contact the new VACC Austria management, please visit our homepage www.vacc-austria.org




Bernhard Harb

VACC Austria Member

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