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??? Alias and POF files ???

Steven Brown

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Hey Steven,


An alias file is a decoded text file which alows the controller to text messages in a dot form. Example would be: .ctl 28l = American 222 winds [email protected], runway 28L cleared to land. A POF file or Position Operating File as I call it (don't know if it is correct ) is a file which includes specific squakcodes and goodies for the ARTCC/FIR itself. Both files have been created by a Facility Engineer or guy who wastes his life writing aliases and are availabe for download under "Controller Downloads" or something like that from your ARTCC/FIR website. They are then uploaded onto your VRC via Settings/General/Misselaneous. Remember each ARTCC/FIR has there own alias and POF file!


Hope this helps,



Daniel Oordt - OD

• FIR Chief - CZVR Vancouver

//// United Airlines. It's Time To Fly.


In loving memory of Dominic Durden

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