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Oceania Squawkbox Message Set (SMS) released

Mark Richards

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Mark Richards

The Oceania livery set for SquawkBox3 has just been released


This livery set will allow you to see and be seen as aircraft from a large number of other regional carriers, both real life and VA.


It includes repaints of a number of special liveries, including Virgin Blue's "Mach 3" Flying Billboard, Qantas Wanalla Dreaming, Air New Zealand Lord of the Rings Repaint.


To use the livery set correctly you will need to be careful when you are selecting liveries. If you choose a livery that is not appropriate for your type there is a very real chance that you will be seen as either a default VIP model or the dreaded flying question mark. The list of which models were included was posted to the forums a while ago.


You can download the full pack (5.1 Mb) from http://www.comp[Mod - Happy Thoughts]-virtual.org/sms/sms.html


The pack is a self installing executable that will place the files into your FS9 and SB3 folders. It will be expecting that these are in \Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\ and \Program Files\SquawkBox3\ respectivley. If you have installed either of these to other locations then the included docomeentation gives some hints on what to do.


It is hoped that these will be released in due course as part of Joel's updates to SB3, but in the meantime, feel free to download and install this file for your use.



Mark Richards (811451)

Auckland, New Zealand



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