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vroute.info future FAQ

Michal Rok

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Dear All,


Since there has been lately some confusion about the relationship between vroute.info (the "cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ic", freeware), vroute.info premium (the new, payware) and VATSIM, let me present below a small set of Frequently Asked Questions together with my answers.



1. "Will you shut down freeware vroute now?"


Absolutely not! There's 20.000 people out there who enjoy it and I have no intention to take vroute.info away from them. What became freeware once will stay freeware forever, and you will be able to enjoy vroute.info tomorrow just like you did yesterday. I'm happy that I have a source of revenue that will enable me to keep paying for the freeware stuff, so that you could still enjoy it.



2. "Are you charging money for VATSIM resources or services?"


Absolutely not! vroute is actually saving considerable amount of VATSIM resources compared to other network information clients. This is because vroute server only downloads the data from server once (in each sampling period) and then the information is distributed to all vroute users byp[Mod - Happy Thoughts]sing VATSIM's infrastructure completely. In fact, your vroute.info program (be it cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ic or premium) does not speak to VATSIM at all. All VATSIM services remain absolutely free, and you can access them using vroute.info or any other software tool available on the Internet.



3. "Are you charging money for the routes we submitted?"


No. The route database is shared between vroute.info cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ic and premium. If you choose the premium version, you only pay for the additional, new stuff - and the core flight plan database remains free of charge, identical in both programs.



4. "I have a problem with the premium version, can I ask here?"


You should not. Instead, please follow the link to support forum which is in your Start menu. I don't want to use VATSIM's forum to speak about commercial products.



5. "Will you continue to support the freeware community with new features and improvements?"


Sure! I've been personally involved in the virtual aviation community since 1997 and I have no intention to change that.




best regards,




Michal Rok

vroute.net Founder

vroute.net founder

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