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When its ready it will look like this:


Carvox and Servops you can use, but you will need to Modefie Windows as well,

Check the Manual (pdf) for more info.

(The Processor below is only 3.0 GHZ pr core, reason you see it also as 3.66 is caus i overclocked it a tad)


Just to mantion, you modefie at your own rik...


Good Luck..











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I'm From PARIS, FRANCE ... were are you from ?

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Ok, I can find neither of those apps on Google. Care to provide a link.


In any case, what they are doing is either fake or illegal. I would recommend strongly against using them.


I run a 64 bit OS so I don't need them. And I advice anyone that wants to use more than 4GB RAM to do the same.

Creator of VATSIM Monitor, a sidebar gadget for Windows Vista.



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