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[ZSHA Exam]17May08 1400-1600z STU+ Promotional Exam at ZSPD

Alfred Tang

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Alfred Tang

Dear pilots,


On May 17, 2008, there will be 2 senior student OTS exams taking place at Shanghai FIR in China. Mr. Xinyue Chang (1019354) and Mr. Stephen Leung (972266) will be taking their exams to demonstrate their abilities for rating promotion. The exam will take place at Shanghai Pudong International Airport (ZSPD) from 1400 to 1600 UTC. Candidates will be taking the positions of the ZSPD_TWR (Pudong Tower), and Shanghai Control (ZSHA_CTR) will be online depending on the actual traffic volume.


Please come and join us to generate significant traffic volume for the candidates at this eastern gateway of China. Both IFR and VFR flights are accepted.


For scenery of Pudong Aiport, check out avsim.net for the AI-CHINA pack which contains the double runway version of Pudong Airport. (Notice: Three-runway version of Pudong is yet available i.e. 17R/35L is not available)


Date: May 17 ,2008


Time: 1400-1500 UTC (2200-2300 Beijing Time) and 1500-1600 UTC (2300-0000 Beijing Time) (time allocation may vary)



Airport: ZSPD (Shanghai Pudong Airport, Shanghai, China)


Thank you for your support.






Al Tang (934809, INS)


Alfred Tang (934809)


Director | Hong Kong VACC


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