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ATC in France

Yarden Antebi 933853

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How come there isnt any ATC (or its really rare) in france?

France is one of the countrys I dont fly much to since its boring to fly again again and to know that there is no way a controller wil come up to greet you.

Ive heard some time ago that the French try to return to the ATC, but I havent seen much result...

Does anyone know anything about it?

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Hi Yarden!


France has actually become more active since about one year. If you want to make sure that ATC will be there for your flight, have a look at the ATC-bookings at VATBOOK. If you use VROUTE, you can see the booked ATC-positions up to 18 hours in the future. If you are using ServInfo, you can use the button EUROBOOK to get the ATC-bookings for up to 10 days (or so).


In case that you are encountering trouble with ServInfo not downloading the data because of an invalid URL, you will have to open the file servinfo.ini with a text-editor and look for the entry

Network02 Name=EUROBOOK

The next line you will need to modify to read:

Network02 Url=http://vatbook.euroutepro.com/


Save the file and start ServInfo again. If you press EUROBOOK now, it should work.

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Hi everyone,


We ( French ATC ) are trying to book as much as possible over France, the French Vatsim division is not that old and since one year we do have almost double the number of active controlers. The little one is growing ... And we try to ensure as much French and English ATC at all positions staffed.


So be welcome to fly in france specialy on Friday night our ONLINE day. We also have a special LFPG ( Paris Charles De Gaulle ) night every first sunday of the month and a VFR night every tuesday in south of France or Corsica.


See you there.



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