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Currently, I have my computer connected wirelessly to a router, and the router wired to the modem. I get a terrible connection, although I don't know why as it's less then 10 meters away. I found another router, however, and I was wondering if it would be possible to wire my computer to the new wireless router, then connect the new one to the existing one, wired to the modem.


Any help appreciated,




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On top of what Gary mentioned, there is this.


With 802.11n just now coming up to be mainstream, most existing wireless hardware is 802.11g capable (transfer rates of up to 54Mbps), depending on line of sight, any obstacles between your box and the router, etc. That signle will degrade with distance and obstacles. If you were to connect your computer to your router via network (Cat5 or better) cable, depending on your NIC, you're looking at at least 10/100Mbps, or if your computer has one on the motherboard, and the mobo is modern, 1Gb. So obviously you're going to get a much better connection hardwired than wireless. So plug it in with your old router first and see if that fixes it. If not, swap the old router for the new router, and you'll be better. Your bottleneck should be going to your modem, not the router.



Brad Littlejohn

ZLA Senior Controller


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