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hello, im trying to select an Arrival to KMCO but theres nothing, whats the problem, im a newbie in FMC, and i already picked the Departure from KATL but i cant find the Arrival to KMCO, and I've just updated my Level-D to SP3 version, look at the pic below untitled-6.jpg


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Hi Yusuf,


As Lennart said, you have to update your SID/STAR package for the LevelD. You can also try searching for Terry Yinglings SID/STAR database.


There is also the option, in a situation like this where you can manually enter in the waypoints for the arrival. Either enter them in on the legs page (if you've already activated the route) or just add them in at the end of your route if you are building it. It's a pretty simple task that doesn't add too much extra time to the programming of the FMC and since you should already have retrieved and read the actual chart (I hope, as this is common sense good pilotage), it'll be a piece of cake for you.


Hope this helps.




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