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This sim ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

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New Nvidia drivers installed, and NO stutters, at all! ( That scares me, my FSX package is looking largely redundant- though i still want to use it, BUT, my brain, taking into account the smooth visual stimulation provided with X-plane says, "what are you doing using FSX".


There is a god.


Edit: great work, it's good to have another sim option.

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The number of ppl converting over to XP is pretty amazing right now. I've been using xplane since v4 and have never seen the product with the momentum it has right now. Great to hear the new NV drivers are good, too. I've started noticing the stuttering myself and am eager to try the new ones.

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I've just discovered Ben Sputniks scenery blog.





My only negative with XP9 is the high altitude scenery/ 25 mile visual limit. But, looks like they are tackling that for future updates? Seems to be a gripe that they, Austin, Andy, Ben and alike have taken notice of.

XP9 is looking the goods at the moment. Just downloaded the " overlay editor" . Cool i can use high detailed LOWI package buildings ( or any scenery package bulidings ) for populating 'empty' airports.


Scenery creation addiction, uh oh!



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Conidering all the freakazoid plug in designers and packages being created right now, 12 months time from now is going to be interesting. Very interesting indeed for XP9.


The genral gist is, if you are knowledgable in programming, you can run amok and do all sorts of wonderful things for the package. Wish i could program.(: Lot's of people seem to be contrubuting lot's of wonderful add on/ plugins. Sandy Barbour rates a mention at this moment.


Some of the defualt aircraft are 'dated', but, i've just dicovered planes with VC's etc with very very impressive detail, all free. I'll say again, in 12 months time, really special things will be happening. Developers for FSX will probaly be saying " let's get of our backside and have a go at this sim too".


Bet your bottom dollar.


Either way, i'm glad i have it.

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New potential X-Plane tag lines

(with apologies to multiple multinational corporations for borrowing their famous taglines)


I love X-Plane.


X-Plane'es do it with their socks on.


I'll give you my X-Plane when you take it from my cold, dead hands!


You are in good hands with X-Plane


X-Plane, don't leave home without it


Fly the friendly X-Plane skies


X-Plane, the choice of a new generation


The ultimate flying machine


Better flying through (Laminar) research


Life's Good (with X-Plane)


Do you have the austin inside?


Get X or get out.


Is it live, or is it X-Plane?


Flown Everywhere


The Way It's Meant To Be Flown


Do you... X-Plane!?


Dude, you're getting X-Plane


X-Plane is not MSFS


Inspire me. Surprise me. X-Plane me.


X-Plane inside




The Difference is X-Plane


High Performance, Delivered


What's In Your Computer?


I have good news...I just saved a bunch of money on my flight simulator addons by switching to X-Plane.


Because you're worth it


X-Plane, the other white meat.


With a name like X-Plane....it has to be good


Leggo my X-Plane


Got X-Plane?


It's not just for nerds anymore.


Unleash the power of the X




X-Plane. Australian for Flight Simulator


Flies Great. Less Filling


Tonight, let it be X-Plane


Weekends are made for X-Plane


X-Plane: It's Flight Simulator. HOORAY FLIGHT SIMULATOR!


X-Plane has bite


Flight Simulator of Champions


Can't get enough of that X-Plane


Desk Pilot tested. FAA Approved.


It's grrreat!


It's all in the X


Fly Fresh!


Home of the X-Plane


Nobody does Flight Sims like X-Plane


Think outside the plane


In tests, eight out of ten owners said their cats preferred it.


Doctors Recommend X-Plane


More Doctors fly X-Plane than any other Flight Sim


Leave the flying to us


See what X can do for you


Now you're really flying


When you got it, flaunt it.


[Ding] You are now free to move about the country


The Plane in front is an X-Plane


Pilots wanted


Sooner or later you'll own X-Plane


Powering Change


Nothing runs like an X-Plane


The few, the proud, the X-Plane

Ian Elchitz

Just a guy without any fancy titles

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